Sunday, April 26, 2009

TAKS tests this week!

I finally finished cleaning up the paperwork for the 3-day AQHA show I secretaried in Bryan April 10-12. I always come home so tired (long hours) and sick of the show, and can't get motivated to finish all, but am now glad it's done though AQHA will be ticked that it is late. Kids at my school TAKS or LAT tests every day this week, stressful for me, and it seems I can never get it down pat and easy. Am heading to Wal-Mart now to try to find a flowering plant to put on my desk to brighten the week, then to grocery store for extra food for the stress! I need something like Mexican cornbread or ?.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

a high chair at Mama Cannon's house

Yesterday I bought, at Once Upon A Child in College Station, a high chair for Josey to use at my house. She ate supper at my house last night and sat in a high chair for the first time, and she seemed to love it. After she finished I gave her a big plastic spoon which she loved to hit on the tray and/or chew. Laney's to send me photos of her in the high chair.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I worked Easter weekedn

Though I'd told them last year that I wouldn't help this year, I worked the Bryan AQHA Horse Show this past weekend, long hours but I enjoyed seeing my horse friends. I got home before 5 on Sunday and Josey and Laney came and ate supper at my house, making my day perfect! Got 1/2 inch rain, terrific. Wayne Turner did good job of tending my animals. I need to catch up on sleep and eat some real food, they didn't feed us well there.