Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer is waning fast. Day after tomorrow I go to Abilene for the State Horse Show, leaving here July 26 and returning August 1. Then I go back to work pretty quickly. This summer has been great. I'd hated that we didn't vacation anywhere, and I told Laney I'd call this Ice Cream Summer, and try to make a freezer of homemade ice cream weekly. I've fallen down on that some, only making 4 freezers, but that was better than ever befroe. The season has been best because I've spent lots of time with Josey and Laney. Laney's such a good mother that I sit and marvel at it. Josey has such a little personality of her own already, and I think she knows me and recognizes me now. You can be emy heart melts when she reaches for me!

Friday, July 17, 2009


The community at which I live is called Laceola - once about 80 years ago there was a post office on the corner. This morning we received 2.2 inches of rain! It fell nice and slow, over about 3 hours time, and as of noon the sun had not shone on it yet, so maybe it won't just bake right back out. Thank God.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

our Corgi, Leon

This morning I had to have our Corgi, Leon, put down. We'd have had him 14 years if he'd lived to Thanksgiving. He's been great company and I will miss him terribly. He loved baths and water. When he swam in tanks it always scared me that he'd start floundering and I might drown trying to rescue him. When it got to be stormy weather, he always wanted to get in the bathtub - somehow I think he knew that was the safest place to be in a storm. He was so pretty and so soft to touch. We got him at Rose Palace at the Greater Houston QHA Thanksgiving Circuit in 1995 - when I got him in my hand, I wouldn't give him back to the Snows, I was afraid they'd sell him before I got back with the check. With Laney riding in the arena warming up and them knowing her, they trusted me to bring the check back. Of course Georgia Snow had told me I could register him, but with him being a fluff I learned I couldn't and I'm sure she knew that. I always thought he was worth every penny of the $400 I paid for him, and much more. Marcus Petri always said Leon was my first son, and Marcus said he himself was my other son.