Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer is waning fast. Day after tomorrow I go to Abilene for the State Horse Show, leaving here July 26 and returning August 1. Then I go back to work pretty quickly. This summer has been great. I'd hated that we didn't vacation anywhere, and I told Laney I'd call this Ice Cream Summer, and try to make a freezer of homemade ice cream weekly. I've fallen down on that some, only making 4 freezers, but that was better than ever befroe. The season has been best because I've spent lots of time with Josey and Laney. Laney's such a good mother that I sit and marvel at it. Josey has such a little personality of her own already, and I think she knows me and recognizes me now. You can be emy heart melts when she reaches for me!

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