Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas morning, and mine has been splendid. I fed animals at home and took gifts and breakfast fixings to Laney's house, where she, Nathan, Josey, and I opened gifts and ate together. Josey didn't open much (any), but she smiled a lot. Laney seemed thrilled with the locket I gave her and all else, and I got great gifts, the best being a photo collage of her and Josey. It's funny how Laney buys a lot like I do -- we did several similar things for each other. I fixed breakfast for Mother, and came to town to dump garbage and read e-mail and papers on-line. We'll eat late this afternoon at Lana's house - no gift-sharing there this year, which I find a downer. It's been a great holiday anyway. Yesterday Pat Robertson said that though he's a Republican, he's very down on the current (Bush/Shrub) administration, and has high hopes for Obama -- who'd have predicted that statement?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hustle and bustle at school today - this makes my 35th year to enjoy last day of school before Christmas, a thought somehow makes me sad. I'd love to know where some of those kids I had through the years are now,and some I do know about aren't here on earth any more or are in prison, and that saddens me. Can't dwell on that.

Sunday, 12/21, is the first day of winter, and also the shortest day of the year. For me, I love that day - because the ones that follow start having more sunlight every day - and also, every day brings us closer to spring.

Democrats held drawing for $200 gift card last night, girl in Huntsville won it. Now we start working on a Democrats' cookbook to sell in the spring -- all to benefit our scholarship fund.

Gave heifer shot last night, hoping to help her dehorned head get well. Days short now to tend cattle, horses, dogs.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

first day!

I stayed home yesterday and babysat granddaughter Josey, age 10 weeks yesterday, weighing 12 pounds last week. My shoulders and arms are a bit sore, I hardly put her down all day. She's so much fun, and I'm thinking now that I'll retire in May and keep her full time next year. If not, we're all so busy that I'll never get to know her as well as I want! I've been Weight Watcher-ing again lately, have gained so much weight back - but I can lose it again. I love the Christmas season, but do hate cold weather. Thank God he put me in Texas, where we can have snow snow last week and a high of 74 today!