Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm very happy to say that I have a new rug in my den. My old one was so worn and dog-chewed around the edges, I'd gotten so that I hated to have anyone come in the house! Also I didn't like Josey sitting on it. She seems to like the new one, and she stood up on it last night, leaning on me as I sat beside her. I bought it at auction on-line and got it for a good price, I thought -- at My problem now is that I've been having to call to try to find election judges for all 8 of the Madisonville voting boxes for next year, and folks are quite reluctant!

Friday, June 19, 2009

wonderful summer

I love these long summer days, though I'd really appreciate some rain. I love being able to go outside at 9 p.m. and it's still light. Sunday I saw Leigh Ann's Rustyn, and he is such a cutie! Josey was jealous, which is no surprise. Last night Nathan git a call at 10 p.m to go haul some cattle so then Laney and Josey came and spent the night with me. I loved having her, but she didn't look rested this morning. We ate lunch at the spot behind the doughnut store, and had a great meal. I've bought a new rug at, and will go pick it up this afternoon, from Tom Gibbs -- can't wait, it'll look so much better than my ancient den rug.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June flowers


I really love having so many flowers blooming in my yard now!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

57 summers

This week I've been thinking about trying to do something to make this summer memorable, with no great success so far. This makes my 57th summer, and summer has always been my favorite season, but mostly they all blend together into a heavenly time. I remember the summer after I graduated from college, moving to Huntsville, attending SHSU classes, etc. I remember the summer I graduated from SHSU, breaking an engagement, getting hired to teach in Madisonville. I remember the summer I met Laney's dad, how I was sick with hepatitis, etc, and the summer she was born - how it was so hot, how perfect she was in every way, and how I hated to ever go back to work. Then there was the next summer, when she was 1, taking her to Waco to the State 4-H Horse Show, and to the Hill Country to watch Lindy show Jan. After that summers pretty much became a blur of horse shows, wonderful times all, but none set apart much from othe other. The summer we moved into our house, I spent it all planting grass and watering to try to get it to spread. This summer is grand because Josey is part of it for the first time.Maybe it should be the summer I first publish a newsletter at State 4-H, or when I start The Grat American Novel, or ??? I need inspiration.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

althea photo was left out before


Yesterday I had my first Texas Star hibiscus blossom for the summer, which I thought was fitting, as it was Josey's 8-month birthday. My altheas have really been beautiful - see photo - I planted lots of them when Linda Carpenter was moving and gave them to me. I especially love them because they give me beauty when I look outside my bathroom window each morning this time of year. I also love mimosas - only one is big enough to be pretty yet, but it smells even better than it looks. I also treasure my old-fashioned petunias, and the ice plant, which thrives so. I really love plants that are easy yet lovely. I'm struggling to keep grass alive.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

good old summer time

Yesterday I bought Josey a toddler swing for my backyard, and it was an instant hit. She giggled and smiled and laughed, over and over. She ate supper at my house, a common occurrence, thank God!