Thursday, June 11, 2009

57 summers

This week I've been thinking about trying to do something to make this summer memorable, with no great success so far. This makes my 57th summer, and summer has always been my favorite season, but mostly they all blend together into a heavenly time. I remember the summer after I graduated from college, moving to Huntsville, attending SHSU classes, etc. I remember the summer I graduated from SHSU, breaking an engagement, getting hired to teach in Madisonville. I remember the summer I met Laney's dad, how I was sick with hepatitis, etc, and the summer she was born - how it was so hot, how perfect she was in every way, and how I hated to ever go back to work. Then there was the next summer, when she was 1, taking her to Waco to the State 4-H Horse Show, and to the Hill Country to watch Lindy show Jan. After that summers pretty much became a blur of horse shows, wonderful times all, but none set apart much from othe other. The summer we moved into our house, I spent it all planting grass and watering to try to get it to spread. This summer is grand because Josey is part of it for the first time.Maybe it should be the summer I first publish a newsletter at State 4-H, or when I start The Grat American Novel, or ??? I need inspiration.

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