Friday, December 19, 2008

Hustle and bustle at school today - this makes my 35th year to enjoy last day of school before Christmas, a thought somehow makes me sad. I'd love to know where some of those kids I had through the years are now,and some I do know about aren't here on earth any more or are in prison, and that saddens me. Can't dwell on that.

Sunday, 12/21, is the first day of winter, and also the shortest day of the year. For me, I love that day - because the ones that follow start having more sunlight every day - and also, every day brings us closer to spring.

Democrats held drawing for $200 gift card last night, girl in Huntsville won it. Now we start working on a Democrats' cookbook to sell in the spring -- all to benefit our scholarship fund.

Gave heifer shot last night, hoping to help her dehorned head get well. Days short now to tend cattle, horses, dogs.

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  1. I am so glad that you and Laney have blogs! It is a great way to stay caught up with everyone. Hope to see y'all over the holidays. Josie is a doll!