Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas morning, and mine has been splendid. I fed animals at home and took gifts and breakfast fixings to Laney's house, where she, Nathan, Josey, and I opened gifts and ate together. Josey didn't open much (any), but she smiled a lot. Laney seemed thrilled with the locket I gave her and all else, and I got great gifts, the best being a photo collage of her and Josey. It's funny how Laney buys a lot like I do -- we did several similar things for each other. I fixed breakfast for Mother, and came to town to dump garbage and read e-mail and papers on-line. We'll eat late this afternoon at Lana's house - no gift-sharing there this year, which I find a downer. It's been a great holiday anyway. Yesterday Pat Robertson said that though he's a Republican, he's very down on the current (Bush/Shrub) administration, and has high hopes for Obama -- who'd have predicted that statement?

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