Friday, September 4, 2009

blessed rain!

Yesterday afternoon we received just a hair under 2 inches of rain, in less than an hour's time! I celebrated by burning feed sacks. I'd been reading Elmer Kelton's book, The Time It Never Rained, and it was so realistic and true-to-my-daily-life that I had to put it away for a while - maybe now I can finish it. I really like his writing and can't believe I've never read any of his work before. We got .3 of an inch more of rain during the night, and it looks like today will be wet too - thank God!

Laney and Josey arrived during the rain, since the wind was blowing hard. Laney had pulled off her denim blazer and wrapped it over Josey in her arms to keep her dry - but Josey didn't like her head covered so had uncovered the top of her head. When she came in the door, her little head was soaked and her hair so cute and curly, and she had such a grin on her face - it looked like she too knew the rain was a wonderful thing. Lana decided Sunday to teach her to raise her hand and give folks a high five (and then we clap and cheer), and she's doing it constantly now, and loves it. She's such a joy!

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