Monday, January 19, 2009


2009 seems to be rushing by. I missed work 1/15 and 1/16 to keep granddaughter, Josey, who is sick with RSV (bad cold in her lungs). She fought the breathing treatments so badly I wanted to cry, because I'm sure she thought I was torturing her. I hated to put her down the whole time she was at my house. Last night Nathan was out of town working and I spent the night with Laney and Josey. On Friday morning I had a close call when I opened the stock pen gate to let 2 horses from the pen out with the other 2. It was really cold, they were feeling frisky, and one mare, Cookie, was trying to take gelding Casey's hay as she went in the pen. He lunged at her with his teech barred, and she wheeled, ran me down without every seeing me, and rolled me. Thank goodness not a hoof touched me, but I saw her hooves as they passed inches over my face - so I was lucky. The muscles in my neck, stomach, and shoulder are all very sore! I saw some bad grass fires yesterday in Kurten - we are in serious need of rain. Every time we've gotten rain lately, it gets really windy and sucks the moisture right back out of the soil. I get to keep Josey a while again this afternoon - so exciting!

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