Thursday, January 29, 2009

I celebrated another birthday.

I did catch Josey's cold, and fear she'll relapse if I'm around her. I celebrated my 57th birthday on January 26, and I received an 8 x 12 similar to the scarf photo here, just beautiful! I've had a good birthday week, though I missed school sick on Tuesday, so stopped up! The best thing about this time of year is that spring is just over the horizon! I bought myself the movie "Bucket List" for my birthday, but I dozed off in the middle and missed some of it and will have to rewatch. My bucket list isn't too dramatic - I'm working on smiling more, I've never been good at smiling at folks, and also working on being more friendly and outgoing. I had wanted to learn to make a good pie crust, and Laney said our family would be more likely to appreciate homemade tortillas, so maybe I'll try that!

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  1. Sorry to hear that you're sick, but that is ONE adorable grandbaby!!! Laney found my blog through a friend, and I was really glad to hear from her. Hope you feel better soon! Take care!

    -Tammy (Wiseman) Reid