Friday, February 13, 2009

and February is a hard month

I never have liked February. Daddy's been dead 20 years this month, which makes me dislike it even more. Though I miss him so, I'm so glad he's gone. He hated the cold weather as much as me, and he'd fought the battles of not-enough-rain, hungry-cattle, hard-times, and such for a lot longer than I have, and he'd fought enoug, it was my turn. I have a calf of Mother's that couldn't stand up, so I've been bottle feeding it since Tuesday night, and it has been a real job - it took me 45 minutes this morning to get it to swallow a bit less than a cup! It's gotten stronger and can walk around, so I know it is getting somes nutrition, but I also know it hasn't gotten nearly enough! I've been doctoring Winnie the Cow's infected eye for 3 months now - Denise Easterling gave me 2 shots to give her and told me after that to try to give her 1 cup Auromycin crumbles daily - it's gotten better, but it's been a slow go. She seems to have begun to associate me with her problems and seems to blame me. Mother has ladies that feed her lunches on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (though that woman switches days at the drop of a hat) - and I try to go by each afternoon late and prepare her something for supper and leave a sandwich for the next day if that's to be a no-helper-lady day. Then weekends I try to do a bit better. I've been very tired lately, need to get my thyroid re-checked. If I could see lots of green grass, I'm sure I'd perk up.

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