Thursday, May 7, 2009


I kept Josey on Tuesday, we had our first arts and crafts time. I painted the soles of her feet with tempera paint, pressed onto 2 different pieces of fabric - then did her hands - for Laney for her first Mother's Day. The feet weren't hard, hands were, the left one isn't really distinguishable, but we tried. She wound up pretty much painted solid from diaper down, and had a big swipe of green above her right temple. We had to go ahead and show Laney that afternoon, as Josey went home with lots of yellow paint under her fingernails, and some turquoise under her toenails. She liked the feel of the wet paint being brushed onto her feet and hands.

It seems that Mother must have had a mini-stroke or something - Dr. Hubley put her in the hospital here on Tuesday. She's unable to walk, and was very vague but has perked up a lot. There was fluid on her lungs and some fever. The strangest thing is that she has forgotten all about cigarettes and smoking - I'd have bet any money I'd ever have that this part would NEVER happen.

I do love a busy large animal vet. Yesterday Nathan brought bull that had been missing from the Windmill Place back to Mother's house, had been in the neighboring Rhodes's place, the Charlais bull had probably whipped him, but also, the bull's ____ was hanging out all swollen - sometimes they step on themselves, or ??? Anyway, I called my favorite local vet and of course it was 5 p.m. - and she didn't even say anthing like "do you want to bring him in or ?" -- just said "give him 60 cc of LA 200 and __ of Banamine or Dex - do you have those?" I said I did and told her thanks a millon. Thank goodness the bull was easy to deal with, I got him in the squeeze chute easily,and this morning he seems much better.

Tonight I get my 35-year recognition at Teacher Appreciation Banquet -- they flew by!

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