Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Laney had to work yesterday (Memorial Day) and I didn't, so I got to keep Josey! We had a fun day. She has a tiny edge of a tooth now, bottom front, that you only learn about by feeling, as it's a good secret she thinks. We sat in the back yard with the dogs quite a bit, and she loves it when they lick her feet. I was so proud that when she sees me, she starts grinning and bouncing up and down - but she also does the same thing for the dogs - so I guess she loves me and them too. About 30 minutes before Laney was to get home I put Josey's little blue plastic pool in the shade and she splashed and splashed. It was a wonderful holiday! Laney has to work 1/2 day Saturday too, so I get to keep her then too! Can't wait!

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