Wednesday, March 4, 2009

TAKS, sick cow, new students, etc..

7th & 8th graders took TAKS tests yesterday, today 3 had to finish the dyslexia versions, and 1 took a make-up, and I still have 2 more due to take make-ups plus 2 new students who must take a make-up, per Dr. Cope. Too much. Had to make 2 CPS referrals, they take SO long. Josey & Laney went with me to cube at Windmill yesterday, so of course I really enjoyed Josey, and Laney. Laney wanted Josey to stay and eat, but it was getting near dark and I really needed to feed cow Winnie her feed and medicine - her eye/wound is getting better, less drainage, but it looks to me like she's lost her eye. I felt bad for Laney & Josey leaving but I REALLY want Winnie to get well. Victor Moore trimmed up a bunch of low limbs in my front yard - looks more kept but much more open which I'm not sure I'm glad about. Got mailing lists for C/S horse show e-mailed to Brett Scott this morning, finally and thank goodness.

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