Saturday, March 7, 2009

This morning Nathan and others worked my mother's Windmill Pasture cattle, and then this afternoon they did mine. I really like the way these guys work - no hurry and no problems, just take care of business and it gets done quickly and well. Josey and Laney came to Mother's stock pen, and Laney sat on the catwalk by the pen and nursed Josey under her "hooter hider" while the guys worked. Josey's boots wouldn't stay on, her feet are so tiny, but she sure looked precious in her jeans. Now I will start organizing TAKS booklets for shipment - a real stinker of a job. I think I'm giving up on going to San Antonio for the show management training - too many irons in the fire. The Junior High teachers hosted a White Elephant sale (garage sale) in our teacher's lounge yesterday, and we raised $260, to benefit Madison County Cancer Association. We plan to do it again next Friday - everyone has things that are perfectly good but that they don't need any more. I got 3 neat items for $10, and I got rid of a little wicker table that I'd paid $10 for at a garage sale. It was really cute but we never found the right place for it at Laney's, and it brought $29! To TAKS now!

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